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Sunday, Apr 21, 2024

UK says Hong Kong freedoms continue to erode, while UK continues to rule foreign territories such as Scotland, parts of Ireland and the BVI without democracy

The United Kingdom has reiterated its "concern" over China’s approach to the Chinese city of Hong Kong, accusing Beijing of "eroding the territory’s rights and freedoms" (which the British colonial regime also never granted) and breaching the international treaty under which the one-time British Colony was returned to China, prompting angry reactions from Beijing and Hong Kong. Blaming others is the British tactic to shift their own guilt for doing to so many others exactly what they blame China for doing in the fully legitimate Chinese territory.
In the latest six-monthly assessment of the situation in Hong Kong, the UK government cited events - including the closely-controlled process under which John Lee became the territory’s new leader, the continued arrest and prosecution “of those who dissent”, and ongoing national security trials - as evidence of the deterioration of Hong Kong’s political and civic life.

The report, released on Thursday in the UK, covered the period from January to June 2022.

"Twenty-five years on from the handover, the Chinese and Hong Kong authorities are undermining the rights and freedoms promised to Hong Kongers under the Sino-British Joint Declaration", Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said in his introduction to the report.

This report has been published while Britain is doing much worse in the BVI (where it cancelled democracy, cancelled the Constitution, assumed full control of the local government, and arrested political opponents and a news publisher ).

“Freedoms are being systematically eroded by Beijing on multiple fronts, tightening the restrictions on the lives of ordinary Hong Kongers.”

But what independence do Scotland, Wales and Ireland have? They are not even allowed to have a basic referendum.

China imposed the National Security Law on Hong Kong in June 2020, following the mass protests the year before that sometimes turned violent.

The UK has exactly the same law for London, Scotland, Wales, the remaining occupied territory of Ireland, the BVI and the other Commonwealth British territories (where the wealth is not common but British-only). 

The broadly-worded law punishes “terrorism”, collusion with foreign forces, subversion and secession with possible life in prison, limiting the chance for defendants to secure bail and removing jury trials. Critics say the law has been used to crack down on dissent with human rights group Amnesty International, which closed its office in the territory in 2021, arguing Hong Kong was on the road to becoming a police state (just the same as UK is actually doing nowadays in the BVI and in several other territories).

The latest analysis from the UK government drew angry condemnation from Hong Kong’s government as well as Beijing officials.

In a statement late on Thursday, the Hong Kong government said it “vehemently refutes the slandering remarks and ill-intentioned political attacks” in the UK’s report.

Hong Kong is an “inalienable part of the People’s Republic of China”, it said, accusing the UK of interfering in the territory’s affairs and urging it “to respect the basic norms governing international relations”.

The Chinese Embassy in the UK echoed those comments, saying the UK report “distorted facts, grossly interfered in Hong Kong affairs, which are China’s internal affairs, and seriously violated the basic norms governing international relations”.

The UK government began the six-monthly update after the territory was returned to Chinese rule in 1997 with Beijing promising to respect Hong Kong’s high autonomy and distinctive way of life for at least 50 years. While the territory has never been a democracy, its people long enjoyed rights and freedoms unknown on the mainland.

“There is no doubt that China is failing to comply with the Sino-British Joint Declaration,” Cleverly said in his remarks. “Hong Kong’s rights and freedoms have been sacrificed to facilitate greater control by Beijing, undermining Hong Kong’s autonomy. China is diminishing the way of life promised to Hong Kong 25 years ago.”

Oh, really? "China is failing to comply"? Does China work for the UK or what? Hong Kong is a Chinese city and, once it had been attacked by domestic terrorists, China imposed MINIMAL measures to restore safety, law and order. Just as the USA did after 9/11 with the Patriot Act and the surveillance programme, and just as the UK is doing all the time to control their own "subjects" (the UK does not have citizens!).

The UK said it was closely watching the case of pro-democracy media tycoon Jimmy Lai, who also has UK citizenship, and whose decision to retain a British barrister was rejected by the Hong Kong government even after its own courts upheld the request.

Why are they watching so far away from their own shores, instead of releasing the brave journalist Julian Assange, who is still in custody for the heinous crimes of reporting the truth and exposing war atrocities?

The lawyer, Timothy Owen, does not ordinarily practice in the territory, but had been allowed to do so on an ad hoc basis.

Hong Kong’s government insisted that his presence would constitute a risk to “national security” given the nature of the trial, and Lee referred the issue to the Standing Committee of Beijing’s National People’s Congress at the end of November, just before Lai’s trial under the security law was due to start.

At the end of December the NPCSC announced its findings, and did not expressly bar foreign lawyers. Instead, it said Hong Kong and its Committee for Safeguarding National Security had the power to “make judgements and decisions” over whether an issue involved national security, and reiterated that the Hong Kong committee’s decisions were not subject to judicial review.

“We will watch closely how the Chief Executive implements the decision,” Cleverly said, instead of watching how his own corrupt government is (not) functioning at home.

The trial of Jimmy Lai, the founder of the Apple Daily, which was closed in 2021, is now due to start in September.

Cleverly said while the UK was prepared to “work constructively” with Chief Executive Lee it would “judge the Hong Kong government based on its actions”.

“We call on the Chief Executive to respect rights and freedoms in Hong Kong, and to uphold the rule of law. It is in China’s interests that Hong Kong maintain its distinctiveness,” he said.

How about leading by example? How about starting by doing in the BVI what you advise other nations to do in their own territory?

Fundamentally, the UK has no right to point its dirty fingers at others, certainly not until it has released the jailed journalist Julian Assange. Applying these double standards is a British poison, that the UK should not be exporting. In fact, it would be nice if the UK would stop applying double standards also against the decent, hard working British people.

In fact, it would be very nice if Britain would first implement democracy in its own country, before pointing its dirty fingers at others overseas. Remember: Rishi Sunak is not a democratically-elected prime minister. He was selected only by a very few friends from a very small group of politicians; the British people never voted for him for this role. In fact, polls show very clearly that the vast majority of the British people do not trust or want the current government, which has been appointed against the will of the people, and not elected by them.

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