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Friday, May 24, 2024

These are the 30 best student cities in the world for 2022, including Budapest

These are the 30 best student cities in the world for 2022, including Budapest

The Campus Advisor announced the 30 best student cities in the world for 2022 based on ratings and reviews collected on!

Considering a range of factors including student friendliness, cost of living, nightlife, public transport, amenities, diversity, and the opinions of current students, The Campus Advisor has complied a list of the best cities to live and study in from around the world.

These are the 30 best student cities in the world for 2022 as decided by students:

1. Melbourne, Australia

Overall score: 4.69 out of 5

Why these reviewers think Melbourne is great:

“I lived in Melbourne my whole life, it is a great city. There are plenty of things to do whatever your hobbies are. Also if you want more “outdoor” activities the regional areas surrounding Melbourne also provide some excellent adventurous opportunities. The only downside is Melbourne is an expensive place to live. Renting is not cheap. But it has great opportunities to find work and support while studying”

“Melbourne is well-known for its numerous cafes, where people can meet and converse while sipping excellent coffee. Rooftop cafes are very popular in the city, so give one a try and you might end up being a regular while studying. If you’re a student in Melbourne, you should look for student discounts on things like transportation and books. Trams, trains, buses, and bicycles are available for students to utilise to get around.”

2. Newcastle, United Kingdom

Overall score: 4.53 out of 5

Why these reviewers think Newcastle is great:

“Newcastle is a fantastic, culturally rich city with lots to do and lots to explore. It is ideal for students. There is plenty of public transport that make it easy to navigate the city, and there is plenty of shopping and eating out that can be done within the city. Newcastle also offers some great outdoor areas, such as Jesmond Dene and other parks.”

“Newcastle as a city is extremely student-friendly. I think the most important aspect for myself, has always been safety and not once over the course of my 4 years here have I felt unsafe. Eating out and night-life is also fantastic in Newcastle, and does not cost you an arm and a leg. New restaurant/bars are consistently opening up, so there is a wide variety of cuisines and tastes available to try”

3. Seoul, South Korea

Overall score: 4.52 out of 5

Why these reviewers think Seoul is great:

“Seoul is a very safe, lively, and fun city. Transportation facilities are very good, and there are many things to do around Hongdae even at night, so many students enjoy life. It is also a good city for International students to live in because a lot of people speak English.”

“I attended Konkuk University and that area of Seoul has many activities for student such bars, restaurants, game centers, karaoke rooms, clubs etc. Because Seoul has many Universities, you can find similar students around your living radius.The only expensive part is lodging.”

4. Vienna, Austria

Overall score: 4.46 out of 5

Why these reviewers think Vienna is great:

“No question, Vienna is the best city I’ve ever lived in. Comparably cheap, good international exposure and very vibrant and distinctive culture. It has a small but amazingly active nightlife with great music coming from the city. There’s a good reason why it has ranked the world’s most liveable city multiple times.”

“Vienna is a beautiful city and it is very student friendly. Almost everywhere you get a student discount, people are very open to new friendships and architecture is beautiful. Especially in summer when you can sit at the danube you really enjoy your time.”

5. Montreal, Canada

Overall score: 4.44 out of 5

Why these reviewers think Montreal is great:

“Montreal is a huge student town. We have like 5-6 major quebec/canadian universities on the island. We have one of the largest proportion of students to population in North America. There are a lot of food options and I would say public transport is way better than other North American cities (a low bar ik but still important).”

“Montreal is a great city for both locals and internationals alike. There are tons of great restaurants, bars, concerts and events to suit everyone. The French component introduces an interesting cultural experience close the the US but is not overwhelming and very accommodating for English speakers.”

6. Berlin, Germany
7. Prague, Czech Republic
8. Chicago, United States
9. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
10. London, United Kingdom
11. Munich, Germany
12. Lisbon, Portugal
13. Ann Arbor, United States

14. Budapest, Hungary

Overall score: 4.31 out of 5

Why these reviewers think Budapest is great:

“Budapest is the perfect city for students. It has an amazing nightlife (pre COVID), relatively cheap, compared to other big cities, it is safe compared to other capital cities. It is good to make a few Hungarian friends at the beginning of your studies, so they can help you out with administrative stuff, but besides that, it is great for an international student, very friendly and lively city.”

“Budapest is a fantastic city, I love living here. Especially for students it is a paradise of opportunities, both for work and leisure time. Public transportation is available everywhere, making all places easily accessible, you can find a bar or a street food restaurant everywhere, even in the most remote places.”

15. Singapore, Singapore
16. Edinburgh, United Kingdom
17. Lund, Sweden
18. Utrecht, Netherlands
19. Gainesville, United States
20. Austin, United States
21. Groningen, Netherlands
22. Cork, Ireland
23. Boston, United States
24. Galway, Ireland
25. Toronto, Canada
26. Nottingham, United Kingdom
27. Sydney, Australia
28. Amsterdam, Netherlands
29. San Diego, United States
30. Madrid, Spain

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