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Sunday, Sep 25, 2022

Bullseye: Man shatters taxi's window by throwing iPhone at it

Police are now searching for a man who on Friday shattered a taxi's window by throwing his iPhone 12 at it after he suspectedly went mad because the driver didn't stop to pick him up.
The incident occurred around 2.30am on Friday as the taxi was traveling along Connaught Road Central outside Hong Kong City Hall.

It was understood that the man walked onto the road and hailed the taxi but the driver didn't notice the man and headed off straight away. The man who went mad then threw his iPhone 12 at precisely the window and shattered it, landing the smartphone on the front seat accurately.

The cabbie who didn't sustain any injury later drove to Edinburgh Place and pulled over to report to police.

Officers then arrived and patrolled in the area to search for the man but in vein. The case has been listed a criminal damage and is now handled by Central district crime investigation team.

It is understood that the iPhone dies and officers are still checking who is the owner.

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